March 17, 2017

New Charcoal Figure Series ⎯ "Imprisoned"

I've been working on a new figure series called "Imprisoned".  These pieces are a lot more raw and honest than what I've done in the past.  I'm trying through gesture to illuminate shame and arrogance and hopelessness and all those walls the Enemy helps us build that separate us from God. Each piece is a mirror of when I was my own barrier to joy because of believing lies about my worth and my brokenness. Times when I forgot (and sometimes still forget) that these chains that bind me were broken long ago.  The idea behind these pieces is that many of the prisons that hold us are false ones ⎯ the chains are more like ribbons and have no power. We have only to stand up and claim what has been offered. Mercy. Freedom. Grace. 

I've named this piece "Matthew 11:28" (Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.)  It's a cry for renewal when we have lost our strength. 

© Shannon M. Wilson /

My inspiration for this piece is an original sculpture by Suzie Zamit, an internationally-recognized sculptor based in London, who generously gave me permission to use her work as a reference for this series. I started with charcoal on paper and then added the "ribbons", text, and other finishes with digital brushes before having it printed on archival, fine art paper. I'm excited to announce that original prints of the series will soon be available online! 

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