December 20, 2011

Studio is Completed!

At the end of the day, this post is more about my husband than my studio.  Because it's about how couples prioritize and what that says about what they value.  When you own an older home, you have to do a lot of prioritizing.  You ask yourself and each other, what should/can we repair or replace or add first?  I imagine most couples would begin by addressing the single bathroom upstairs that is currently serving our family of five. Or the fact that our detached garage is posing as our basement while our cars sit in the driveway. Or maybe some couples would prioritize a vacation to escape the never ending projects that come with owning an older home.  My husband prioritized studio space.  I don't know if he'll ever fully understand the love letter he wrote with that decision.  He was telling me something about what he values and that something is me.  Thank you, my love.  I heard you.

There was no room inside the farmhouse for a studio so we had to look outside.
Our detached saltbox garage had attic space above it that was perfect.

A pull-down hatch entry was the only way in.  

New framed-in stairway replaces hatch entry.

Insulated and finished walls and ceiling.  New skylights bring in natural light. 
Benjamin Moore Cloud White covers walls, trim, and ceiling.

Wrapped beams, added track lights the length of the room,
and installed laminate floor to make paint cleanup easier.
Built rolling table for flat files so it can double as a work counter
and be pushed out of way when not in use.