March 22, 2009


Lucas has been reading about the black rhinoceros for a research project and shared with us what he learned the other day. He used the phrase “brink of extinction” which made us roll with laughter. We were remembering how Seth learned to say that phrase before he had even learned to use the potty (thanks to hours watching “Prehistoric Park”). Such an impressive expression from a toddler...

We talked for a moment about what it meant for an animal to be nearly extinct -- a heavy topic if you’re paying attention. Sydney was. She had an epiphany and with great drama, cried “I guess that means that I am on the brink of extinction!” That’s an opening you don’t get very often.

I could have launched into an eloquent, thoughtful, age-appropriate and inspired explanation of eternity. I could have talked about the plans God had for her well beyond her earthly existence. I could have helped her understand what it meant to leave a legacy. Instead, I cried at the thought of losing her.

Father in heaven, please strengthen my faith and loosen my grip so that one of their hands is free to hold Yours.