February 12, 2009

Sing Out

This blog would not be complete without a few words about music and silence. Those who know me know I couldn’t breathe the year I lost my voice. For me, to sing is to commune with God and I thought the loss of it would truly break me. Singing was how I prayed, how I screamed, how I cried, how I found balance. I waited for a year for it to come back. The hole it left was profound, and I was confused that God would allow something that was being used for His glory to be silenced. Silence is an amazing thing, though. It takes you by the hand and whispers, “Listen, child.” Silence ended up showing me that there are other ways to speak -- that my witness was not limited to music. Silence led me to new creative work that has allowed me to touch the lives of people my music might never have reached. I have only just scratched the surface on the ways I can “sing out.” And I thank God everyday for the closed door..