June 1, 2010

Thank you, Teachers

"A teacher affects eternity.  He can never tell where his influence stops." 
-- Henry Brooks Adams

If you have young children, we're doing a lot of thanking right now, aren't we?   A year completed, a child bloomed, a family blessed.  What tremendous teachers all three of my children had this year!  And each and every one of them was perfectly chosen for my children for different reasons.  Seth with all his five-year-old fears was loved and sheltered so fiercely that he gradually let go of my hand.  Third grade  Sydney found a teacher who recognized her sweetness early and was valued for it instead of overlooked. My fourth grader, Lucas, was gifted with a teacher who knew that a well-written comic strip was just as important as a book review in his growth as a reader and writer.   It's hard to put into words my gratitude for the teachers who guide, teach, inspire, and protect our children while we aren't with them. Their influence is unparalleled at this point in my children's lives and will carry on in ways I won't even know in years to come.  Thank you, teachers.  All of you.

The piece above is a very rough attempt at Blackletter. I have a lot of practicing ahead of me!  I wrote with bleach and a flat brush and added the rest of the quote in Dr. Martin's white with a pointed pen.  The "A" was done with Golden Tar Gel and finished with copper leaf to complement the earth tone watercolors I used over the bleach.  This was a gift for one of my children's teachers who is retiring this year.