March 27, 2013

Calligraphy on "Blown" Eggs

There is no limit to what calligraphy can adorn!  With a simple carton of eggs and Sharpie's new brush marker, I now have Easter words like "Hosanna", "forgiven", and "remember me" sitting in the middle of our table.  Thanks to my kids' love for all things slimy, all I had to ask was "who wants to blow out egg guts?" In no time at all I had four dozen beautiful, feather light, perfect mini canvases to work on. This was an easy, inexpensive, handmade family project that makes a great gift for grandparents and friends.  And it's a simple, "write it on your doorposts" (Deuteronomy 6:9)  attempt to keep the truth of God's grace in front of my children during the week leading up to Easter.

My daughter was all over this.
I used distilled white vinegar and food coloring for the dye. Left them in for only a second or two because I wanted a "fresh from the chicken" look. 

I imagine my Zig or Pentel brush markers would have worked just as well, but I wanted to try out the new Sharpie brush marker.  Worked great. 

Have a beautiful weekend with your friends and family.  May the miracle and blessed reassurance of Easter fill your hearts and bring you peace as you celebrate.