August 14, 2011

My Family's Route 2 Rural

It was a slightly different summer than I had planned, and my art took a back seat, appropriately.  My supplies are still in boxes, but they are no longer in a storage pod in Indiana, they are in a temporary storage room in OUR NEW HOME!  After struggling to find a home and living in a rental property for 3 months, we moved into a home of our own 8 weeks ago.  Even though my studio boxes are with me, there's no space for me to unload them quite yet.  You all know how strongly I feel about carving out a creative space in which to work, so a new space will be carved.  In an attic.  Above a detached garage.  Away from the house.  I am so excited!!  Below is a picture of the current unfinished space.  We have a million other projects that trump this one, but I can feel it, I'm getting closer.  Won't this be an amazing place to work?!

Attic space above garage -- home of my new studio!

You artists all know that a special house can be its own canvas.  God chose something for me that is way out of my comfort zone and is going to be the biggest artistic challenge yet -- a 1795 historic farmhouse.

I'll keep you posted on my studio space and let you know when that first box gets cracked open.  Hopefully I'll still know how to letter!  Haven't touched a nib since December.  Wow.


rtuveson said...

Hi Shannon!
Your new studio space used to have trains in it! My husband said, "Why is she getting rid of the trains"????? To him that is a sin!
Love all the pics, love the new house...When feeling stressed at work I have opened up your blog and feel instantly peaceful!
Love ya kid and miss ya

Jane Farr said...

This will be an AMAZING studio! Congratulations Shannon! Although other projects may trump your studio, I should think it will be wonderful letting ideas for your studio percolate in your mind. I'm very happy and excited for you. :) xo