June 26, 2008

Lost Lost Tooth

Today my oldest lost his 6th tooth. Like a warrior, he just held it up for the tribe to see without even pushing pause on TIVO. Later he ceremoniously shined it with toothpaste and warm water, covering the drain hole with a washcloth to protect his investment. He wrapped it in a kleenex and moved on -- so far on that he lost his tooth for a second time. He realized its absence at bedtime and the tears that followed reflected a true sadness that nothing other than the found tooth could assuage. I tried to assure him that our ways were not the Tooth Fairy’s ways, and we shouldn’t limit her to mere technicalities like the actual presence of a tooth (all the while praying he would some day trust God enough to give Him the same latitude).

 His sister immediately went into solutions mode and took a shot at affecting destiny. With Lucas sobbing in the background, I watched her pen a heartfelt note to the tooth fairy on her brother’s behalf and place it under his pillow where the tooth should have been. It read (spelling is hers), “Dear tooth fairy. My brother Lucas lost his tooth. He LOST it and can’t find it. He was so exited! So pleas give him mony any way. Love, Sydney.”

Something tells me her faithful plea is going to work. Lord, help me to remember her boldness the next time I find myself on my knees in prayer.